The crypto space is increasingly becoming an important element of our economic and technological reality. However, despite the higher awareness of its existence, there are so many projects in it that it may be hard for the relative outsiders and even people in the space to figure out which of them are truly important and promising. Here, I will try to add my 5 cents and draw attention to a bunch of crypto undertakings that those interested in crypto do not want to miss.

I will start with my list of three favorite projects: RChain, RealT and Etherisc.

RChain and the Quest for Scalable Distributed Compute

A brainchild of computer scientist and mathematician Greg Meredith, RChain is a public blockchain platform running on mainnet. In some ways, it is similar to the eventual Ethereum 2.0, as it features proof of stake consensus and sharding, as well as a Turing-complete distributed computation layer. However, there is also a difference that could make all the difference. …

If you had asked many people in the crypto space (including yours truly) in 2016 if Bitcoin would retain its overwhelming market dominance four years later, the answer would probably have been no. I would have told you that, even compared to Ethereum, Bitcoin was not innovative enough, if not too conservative, and that other blockchains would eclipse it pretty soon.

And yet, here we are in late 2020, and Bitcoin is still far ahead of the pack, despite having retained its very cautious approach to development. Perhaps, the main reason for this is that none of the competitor cryptos (despite their communities’ seemingly higher willingness to experiment) has managed to actually achieved higher adoption than the pioneering blockchain and cryptocurrency. …


After the initial reluctance to recognize the aerosol transmission route as being of any significant importance in Covid-19, the scientific community seems to have settled upon the idea that it has probably been important in certain indoor superspreader events. …

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