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  • Jill Carlson

    Jill Carlson

    I work with and invest in early stage companies. The centre cannot HODL.

  • Gleb Dudka

    Gleb Dudka

    Blockchain Analyst & Researcher | Staking and Generalized Mining | Infrastructure Provision. VC @GreenfieldOne, @StakingRewards, ex Deutsche Telekom

  • Arnold Kling

    Arnold Kling

    Author of nonfiction books, primarily in the area of political economy. In a previous life, I started one of the first commercial web sites. Ph.D in economics

  • Arjun Balaji

    Arjun Balaji

    professional risk taker. enjoy: markets, watches, meta-twitter, and documentaries. open-sourcing my thinking

  • Chris Walker

    Chris Walker

    Software / cybercoins / 3d printing. Sold last startup. Discovers opportunities, builds teams, executes creative solutions.

  • Nic Carter

    Nic Carter

    Partner, Castle Island Ventures. Cofounder, Coinmetrics.io

  • Thomas McMullan

    Thomas McMullan

    Freelance writer | @BBCNews @guardian @frieze_magazine @SightSoundmag @wiredUK @TheTLS others | Also @GardensBritish | Rep’d by @harriet__moore | Novel coming

  • Tony Simonovsky

    Tony Simonovsky

    Digital nomad, entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast. I help companies raise money through token sales.

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