Why Clinton is by far preferable to Trump from the libertarian perspective

Here is why why Clinton is by far preferable to Trump from the libertarian perspective. This applies to other populists who could seem attractive vis-a-vis the unappealing establishment.

We have so much government today in part because the 20th century witnessed four gigantic cataclysms: WW1, the Bolshevik revolution, the Great Depression and WW2. After all of them, people got used to massive government intervention and were also craving any kind of stable order.

Once things stabilized by the late 80s, this allowed to start unraveling the worst statist excesses all over the world. This allowed billions of people to escape misery and premature death, as well as a flourishing of groundbreaking new technologies that portend an avalanche of innovation in the near future.

The relatively liberal, economically dynamic and innovative, militarily dominant and internationally active US is the biggest global stabilizing force in the modern era. I wish its role in the international arena were played by private armies but those don’t exist. I also wish international treaties weren’t needed for free trade but the current institutional reality is different.

Trump’s presidency would put these pillars of global stability in grave danger. It’s a sufficient reason to not even consider him seriously, even setting aside his personal qualities.

PhD, economics (2018) from Aix-Marseille University, independent blockchain adoption consultant based in Aix-en-Provence, France, Email: daniilgor2004@gmail.com

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